The main mistake of all beginners is the desire to get the result literally after the first week of sport training. They start attending two classes a day or do not get out of the gym without taking breaks to rest to restore the body. They do not always listen to coaches and take more weight to lose weight faster, become stronger and faster and not be ashamed in front of other visitors.

You want to try everything at once! It seems that energy and strength will be enough for all training, and the thought of skipping causes a slight panic. But the result may not be quite what you would like. Therefore, the first piece of advice for beginners – do not rush! Sport is not a joke. This is a physical activity or training that can bring not only benefits but also harm. The wrong approach and haste will lead to injuries and prolonged recovery, after which the desire to play sports may no longer appear.

Visit a doctor before starting training

As we have said above, sport is a physical activity that affects the physiological processes in our body: due to the load on the heart, the heart rate accelerates, blood vessels dilate, the lungs begin to work harder. The same applies to biochemical processes (hormone production, calorie burning).

If you have health problems you don’t know about, or you have old injuries, an incorrectly calculated load can harm your body. Instead of a toned figure and a good mood, you can get a subscription to the clinic to a rehabilitation specialist. Therefore, before starting serious sports
training, it is desirable to visit a doctor and undergo a general examination.

Do not compare yourself with others

Another mistake of beginners and not only – the equation for others, especially complete strangers. You do not know the sports base of the person who is training next to you on the simulator or in group training. It is possible that he was involved in sports from the age of six and can work wonders, and you came to the first occupation in your life. Such a comparison will bring nothing but trauma, bad mood and low self-esteem. You can only compare the present with the past.

For the right motivation, you can find an example for inspiration, but always remember that amateur athletes will never catch up with the technique, training and results of professionals. Running, swimming, dancing or boxing are what they have learned all their lives. Work that takes a lot of time. Professionals need to set new records and earn medals, and you do it to maintain a healthy physical shape and good mood. Let everyone do their job.