Details about healthy lifestyle

As strange as it may sound, there are many people in the world who know what you need to take care of your health, know what to do, but have no idea which way to go about it.
A healthy lifestyle is now in trend, you can easily see this by going to a newsstand or turning on the TV in the morning on weekends. Another thing is that the trend remains a trend, but in fact on a large scale now few people are involved in the promotion of physical education, sports and nutrition.

And a person who wants to start a healthy lifestyle, just gets lost: where to start? There are so many techniques around that promise to make you steel muscles, elastic buttocks or press cubes in five minutes a day. Crossfit, zumba, workout, pilates, callanetics, yoga, qigong, taibo – eyes wide open.
Of course, the easiest way is to go and buy a training CD or book, the benefit of the Internet is this good in bulk. Exercise and, if you like, exercise more. Then quit because you’re tired.
An even simpler but more expensive way is to go to a fitness club, start
individual lessons with a trainer and do whatever he says. Unfortunately, this is also not the right way. The main thing about such a lifestyle is consistency.

But what does it take to start living a healthy lifestyle?

To stay healthy, you need to follow five principles of this lifestyle:

  • Move actively, do trainings
  • Eat healthy food
  • Cleanse and strengthen your body
  • Cultivate healthy thinking and develop willpower
  • Strive to gain new knowledge about your health

As you can see, the above example with a coach only partially corresponds to the principle of №1 and does not take into account other principles. Accordingly, you will not become more healthy from such training. Girls who go on a diet to become slimmer and less sick, but refuse to train and harden, are just as wrong, although, with due diligence can make some positive changes in your figure.
So, you have decided to take care of your health and want to start an active and healthy lifestyle. Without delving into training systems, without bothering to choose the best technique, you can already lay a solid foundation.
Thanks to this foundation, you will not doubt what you are doing right or wrong, you will be able to choose what you like to do and focus your efforts on it.

It is logical that you need to move more, but how?

Start training in the morning. The usual charge, consisting of swings of arms and legs, jumps, inclines lasts only ten to fifteen minutes, recharges energy, kneads and stretches the affected and lethargic muscles after sleep, preparing them for the day’s load, accelerates blood, which allows to saturate all organs and tissues of the body are oxygenated.
It is very important that charging brings joy. Spread the curtains to fill the room with light, turn on your favorite music, in general, do everything to have fun. And it’s great if you start exercising not only in the morning but also in the evening, just do not do it before bed – you will sleep poorly.

Start to spend part of the day training. These are just the mentioned training in the gym, home strength or cardio training, yoga, gymnastics, etc. Let this be the main part of your activity during the day – from now on you should get the most out of it. Most importantly, don’t forget to give your muscles a day or two to rest during intense exercise. However, it all depends on your body and the load of training.

Theoretically, proper nutrition is a fairly simple task

It is known which food of the body is definitely useful and which is not recommended. There are also a number of controversial products. It would seem to make a menu based on available data on the benefits of a dish and eat to your heart’s content. The problem is that very often there is not enough willpower to force yourself to change the usual unhealthy diet to a healthy one. However, this is a separate topic – how to force yourself to eat useful instead of harmful, without harming your lifestyle.
Everything related to a healthy diet is easy to summarize in one simple rule: you can eat natural products, that is, something that once grew on the ground or moved on the ground.

These include fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, meat, fish, seafood, dairy products, eggs and so on. Various studies are currently underway to prove or disprove some of the above products, but in general, natural foods are a much better fuel for your body than unnatural ones. So start eating healthy natural foods, and then you will understand for yourself how useful and healthy bread, meat or milk is for you.
Conversely, you need to start to minimize the consumption of artificial products, as well as natural products containing artificial chemical additives. This will make your lifestyle much better.

Cleansing and strengthening the body

An important step towards a healthy lifestyle is to follow the rules of hygiene. Here, by hygiene, I do not mean the common practice of “washing your hands before eating”, but taking care of your body and maintaining its normal functioning. Take this as a supplement to the rules of physical activity and nutrition.
The most important and obvious thing is to give up bad habits. Bad habits equals bad lifestyle. Everyone knows about the dangers of smoking and alcohol (not to mention stronger drugs).

Most people associate tempering with pouring cold water, swimming in a hole and walking barefoot in the snow. However, it is not necessary to immediately go to such an extreme, in addition, it will not be useful, but harmful to the unprepared body. Start by taking a morning contrast shower and then wiping with a towel, it will also make you more healthy. A contrast shower is an alternation of streams of cold and warm water, for example, you stand under warm jets for a minute and then for ten seconds under cold ones. The cycle is repeated several times and then the time of taking a cold shower increases. Trust us, this will make your lifestyle much better.