ANH-Intl e-Alert: Three ANH-Intl wishes for 2012

16th December 2011

In the northern hemisphere, many are beginning to prepare themselves for the seasonal break, which, in certain politically correct circles, is no longer given a name.  Others refer to it of course as the Christmas holidays.

It’s a time when many — but not all — get a few days to ponder the year just passed, and consider what changes they’d like to make in their lives during the forthcoming year.  Financially, things are not easy for most of us, so it’s always helpful if any new plans don’t cost a lot of money.

We’re going to send one more eAlert before the year closes so we’ll refrain from giving you the ANH-Intl highlights for 2011 in this one.  But what we will do is let you know our own wishes for 2012.  Here goes:

  1. Take it upon yourself to get serious about getting ANH messages out via your social networks.  This takes so little time and allows messaging to go viral.  This is going to be vital for our campaign, to be launched formally in January, to stop health claims being banned in Europe, which will focus on trying to help achieve a veto by the European Parliament.  This will require European citizens to flood the Internet with requests for people to write to their MEPs and share campaign information on your social networks and email systems.  Most people have well over 50 people on their favourite social network; communicating with these will take just seconds or minutes of your time.  Also please forward, share and tweet ANH news items and features whenever you are able, while also encouraging those who are not yet signed up to our eAlerts to do so.
  2. Take control of your own health.  For those who’ve yet to empower themselves in this way – make it your priority for 2012.  This doesn’t mean not having guidance and support from authorised, qualified and highly experienced health professionals, but it does mean putting you in the driving seat, not someone else.  It also means being fully responsible for your own actions.  By the 6th January 2012, we’ll have completed a major update on our food4health campaign that concertinas years of research and experience from doctors, practitioners and other friends of ANH in the field of diet and lifestyle.  This guidance is likely to be transformational for many — as it has been for all of us within ANH that have been putting it into practice in our own lives for some time now.  It’s strongly science-based, but even more importantly, it works for such a large number of people.  In short, there are some areas of the guidance that are completely at odds with dietary advice given by most health authorities, the latter having been shaped, we believe, by collusion with Big Food interests.  But more on that in the update.
  3. Please make a contribution to the work of ANH-Intl. The stakes have never been so high, and we’re a small but very active campaign that regularly punches well above its weight on a very wide range of natural health issues. Our independence is everything and the only way we survive and do the work we do is through your support and donations.  If you are able to donate something, whatever the amount, please consider this, as bolstering our campaign funds helps us to do more for you and your future.  But we are stretched to the limit of what we can do and would be able to be even more effective if we had more support.  If you can’t make a financial contribution, there are other ways you can get involved.  If you have expertise that you think you can offer to us, please let us know.  Just email Sophie, our campaign administrator, at — we’d love to hear from you and see how we could work to further increase the impact of our work.

Now that we’ve revealed our no-longer-secret wishes for 2012, here are two stories to keep you informed of some of the recent shenanigans in the UK:

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